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Four vehicles owned by the late Philip Platt, a co-founder of both the Devon General Society and the Devon General Omnibus Trust, are shortly to be offered for sale by his executors. The vehicles in question are: 1) AEC Reliance coach, 1RDV, 2) AEC Regent III, NTT661, 3) AEC Regent V, VDV817 and AEC Regent V, CTT513C.

Whilst, in an ideal world, the Trust would be interested in acquiring all of these vehicles to ensure their long-term preservation, the reality of the capital sums required, storage costs, insurance and the shortage of volunteers able and willing to maintain them forces us to limit our ambitions. In this connection, after very careful deliberation, the trustees have decided to make a bid for 661 alone - this being the vehicle which we feel best fits with our existing small collection and the bus which Phil regarded as the 'pride' of his fleet.

The exact sums of money required remain unclear at this time but, even after committing a very substantial proportion of the Trust's accumulated cash balances, we are likely to face a shortfall of at least £5,000 in order to acquire the bus and bring it back to roadworthy condition.

Can you help us please in our bid to acquire this rare surviving example of DG buses of the 1950s era?

If you feel able to make a donation to this worthy project, please send a cheque made payable to ‘Devon General Omnibus Trust’ to Terry Bennett (DGOT Treasurer), 16 Manor Close, Bradford Abbas, Sherborne, DT9 6RN or transfer funds direct to the Trust’s bank account (details can be provided on application). If you are a taxpayer and would be happy for the Trust to reclaim the tax paid on the sum in question, please mention this so that a Gift Aid form can be forwarded.

Please do help us to make this ambition a reality.

Urgent Appeal for Funding